In 2008 I helped conceptualized The Global Summit (TGS) with its’ founder Melanie St. James. I developed this brand and art directed its’ logos design. TGS is international event series, now in its fifth bi-annual iternation. This alternative to the elite Davos Summit is inclusive of all and focuses on local community collaboration. TGS has visited LA, London, San Francisco, NYC and Rio de Jainero. Employing Melanie’s catalyst for social innovation: 7 Stages to Sustainability, people from around the world have come together to vision, share and develop a better world.

In 2015 we were hired by Ariann Black, America’s Female Magician of the Decade to develop her identity, brand, website, printed marketing materials and engage a long-term SEO campaign. All of our works starts with research in order to gain on the competition and win new business. In 45 days 40 pages of new content were developed by interviewing the client via digital recordings and converting the .mp3 files into text. We were able to create a substantive amount of content. By using Google’s profound set of tools including:

Google Keyword Planner
Google Webmasters Tools
Google Analytics
Google Trends
Google Consumer Insights
Google Page Speed
Google Business
Google Alerts
Google Tag Manager
Google Apps for Work

we were able to provide SEO Yoast Green Lights on all our pages covering the specific keyword and sematic logic that fit her customers’ psychographic trends.

The competition for the keyword “magician” is heavy so our strategy relied on semantic searches based on corporate events planners and high net worth party developers. Our analysis informed how our site archtiecture, links and tags would assist in raising Ariann’s ranking.

We designed the Arrian Black signature logo and its accompanying indentity guide and style rules. This logo accompanied new business cards, letter head and digital cover pages to lead her corporate magic proposals.

Mark Fields hired us to develop a series of user experiences (UX) for the design of a prospective real estate website. He also asked us to develop a new identity and brand for his new company bearing his own name.  Mark wanted to differentiate himself in the Asheville market. He was already an experienced real estate agent with international land conservation experience. His personal style, Land Rover and distinguished appearance further reinforced the fact that he was an agent who understood both the market, buyers, sellers, bankers and a wider community of quality service providers. By focusing our branding on the middle and upper level property market we felt that that we could support Mark’s business goals of growing his own brokerage. We know that from a digital attraction point of view and all the traditional marketing available to real estate professionals our look and feel had to support the sales efforts so effectively as to set Mark Fields ahead of all local brands. We came up with the Sagittarius logo because of Mark’s birthday but also because it expressed the “renaissance man”. Mark was not just educated, but open minded, worldly and a great reader. His personality was both attractive and his business sense was very to the point. By designing his brand and logo with the Sagittarius meme – we successfully expressed and generated a positive impact setting Mark apart from his competitors and communicating his high net work, elegant and unique value proposition.